Welcome to the IC homepage.
IC (InterConnection), is a special program, who's soul purpose is to boost traffic to smaller sites, by diverting traffic (temporarily) from larger sites. You can check out our sciences by going to the "sciences page", to see how our systems don't lower traffic at all, but still give traffic, to both your site, and other participating sites!
The basic idea is, you have to do only two things to be an official member: Put one form of our systems on your website, and notify us that you have! Once you have done these things, we will add your website to our systems.
As you can see, it is a mutual relationship, and rather simple. To get started, check out the versions page. We are currently only accepting members who own a plexpedia account. If you have one, please log in, and PM me to alert me that you have added IC or PIC to our site (include a link to our site please, and if you like, a banner to use in the IC area).
IC has three main sections, PI, PIC, and just regular old IC. 
PIC (Plexpedia InterConnection) is a special division of IC, which only displays plexpedia websites.  PI (Public IC) is also a special division of IC, some websites on IC are invitation only. PI filters out all those sites. IC is a far more broad system, and shows both plexpedia, and other websites, whether public, or invitation only.
If you sign up for PIC, you will be added to IC too, however, this does not work in reverse, unless the site you are submitting to IC is plexpedia.

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