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Welcome to the sciences page! 
The sciences behind IC, that keep people on your site, but also divert them to others, is simple!
Whenever users open a link, it automatically opens in a new window, so even if they close the window, they are still left on your website (unless of course the application is a type that cannot support this feature).
By leaving people on your site, it does not remove traffic.
Also, when people do wander to a part of your site that has IC, due to how IC works, it will automatically match your CSS theme! (Except for line height, and a few CSS operations, that only affect it).
IC has it's benefits too, we can't say it won't leave an impact on your traffic, but we will say, it won't leave a negative impact (That is, of course, they find another site, and they get plain out hooked lol). IN fact, most likely, it will leave a positive impact. By being a member, your site is automatically added to the system, and likewise, other people browsing it on other sites, will find you!
Now, part of the science, is that your traffic boost will not automatically come from IC, or be 100% from IC. IC is just a program to help others find your website, boosting temporary traffic. Whether or not people STAY on your site depends on a few (and more) things:
  • A good design plan, easy to navigate,
  • A nice CSS theme, or HTML color theme (if it is an HTML color theme, you may want to check out User Service)
  • Good content, that matches the public interest
These are just the basics, the overall idea, and feel, of the website is what really matters.
Feel free to go check out versions now!


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